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Fly GPS for Android – How to Download and Tips


Ever since the pokemon go app has become popular, there are many apps that have risen a lot in popularity thanks to this app. One of the applications that has risen the most in the ranking has been the Fly GPS application, an application that allows you to have a false GPS position.

Games like pokemon go require that the GPS is always activated, something that is used to be able to interact with the game in the correct way. In this particular game, you have to walk around the town or city where you live looking for pokemon, since it is a game without a controller, where you are the protagonist.

However, this walking down the street is not liked by everyone, since for whatever reason, they cannot waste time traveling long distances to catch a pokemon or open an egg.

For this reason, applications like Fly GPS try to avoid you making this effort by faking your location. If, for example, you are at home and you tell the program that you are at a pokestop or next to a legendary pokemon, the pokemon go game will place you there and you will be able to capture the pokemon without leaving home.

This has undoubtedly made the application a very popular application, since without a doubt everyone wants to be able to capture these pokemon but not everyone can go to the exact place.

Thanks to the app, it is now possible to do so, however, this was not its main purpose when it came out. Fly GPS wasn’t born to search for pokemon, but to trick your mobile phone into thinking you’re somewhere else.

In the application that was used the most, this was with the tinder, a dating application that took your location data to show you dates from that city. If you lived in a seedy town and wanted to meet girls from the city, you had no choice but to use Fly GPS to cheat the location and place you in the city.

In conclusion, whatever you use it for, this application is an application that works for what it was created for, that is, to make location services believe that you are somewhere else, so whatever it is, it is a 100% recommended application.

If you want to learn how you can easily download the application and in this way, trick the location of your mobile phone, you are in the right place, since we are going to explain how you can download this application and we are also going to give you the best tips so that you can get the most out of it.

Instructions for Fly GPS for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first step that we must always take to be able to use an application and get the most out of it is to learn how to download the application to our Android phone. The Android operating system works based on applications, without which this operating system would not have even a quarter of the utility it has now. For this reason, we must learn first of all to download not only the Fly GPS application, but all kinds of applications that we are going to find. Of course, I do not usually teach only one download method, since I believe that learn them all, in case one of them fails, you can easily pull another one. We are going to see specifically three methods to be able to download the application to our Android phone.

    1. Google Play Store: The first method that we are going to use to download the application is the famous Google Play Store, which is the official and recommended method to download applications on Android. Its use is very simple, since the only thing we are going to have to do is enter the Play Store, search for the application in its search engine and click on the one that comes out with the highest score and as a featured developer. Once we have it, click on it, click on download and wait for it to finish and install automatically to be able to enjoy it.
    2. Download the apk from the internet:
      Many times for whatever reason the Google Play Store fails us, for this reason, it is necessary to use other methods, the most popular of all being that of directly downloading the application from the internet, using the apk file that provides. What you have to do is use google to search for fly gps apk, something that will give us several results from popular pages such as uptodown, where we can easily find all kinds of applications. Once we have found it, we will search for the apk file, we will download it to our mobile, we will activate the installation from unknown sources and we will execute the file to install the application.
    3. Aptoide:
      Aptoide is a very popular application that is used to download files from other web pages, which may also be ahead of the play store, since Aptoide includes beta applications that have not yet been integrated into the official play store. What you have to do to install aptoide is to go to its official website and download the application, something that we will execute later to proceed with its installation on the mobile phone. Once we have installed it, we are going to search for fly gps in its search engine to be able to find it and download it.
  2. Operation:
    Once we have downloaded the application and installed it, we are going to see how it works, so that in this way, we can start to simulate our location. What you have to do is open the application, which will show us a kind of map of the real location that we have. What we have to do now is move the location to where we want with our finger and after that, click on simulate location. That will start a fake location service on Android, which will tell us that we are there. When that happens, open the pokemon go app, tinder or whatever you’re using and see how you’ve done magic and you’re in the place you want to be, even if you’re not really in it.
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