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Apps AnimeDroid for Android: How to Download and Tips

AnimeDroid for Android: How to Download and Tips


AnimeDroid for Android is an application that has been designed for Anime lovers, because it is one of the best applications to watch this type of content directly on your Android phone.

Anime is the name by which animated manga is known, that is, Japanese animated drawings generally based on manga, that is, in comics. Anime has accompanied the lives of many of us, because many of us have grown up with series like Naruto, Dragon Ball or One Piece.

With the digital age, the dream of many has always been to watch anime from our mobile phones. Who hasn’t wanted to watch an episode of his favorite series while waiting for the bus? Thanks to the digital age and smartphones, we no longer need a television or a computer to watch our favorite series.

However, browsers for mobile phones are still very rudimentary, and it’s quite boring to go looking for anime in the search engine, skipping all the advertising from the mobile (too intrusive sometimes, because it doesn’t even let us go back). In this way, we need an application in which all the anime is grouped in one place.

AnimeDroid is one of those applications that fulfills its mission, because we are going to be able to watch almost all the Anime series from our smartphone. In this way, we are only going to have to use the mobile phone’s search engine and thus, search for our favorite anime series, which we are going to watch in streaming.

If you want to watch anime on the bus and your data rate is not very good, don’t worry, since you also have the option of downloading the episodes of your favorite series directly to your phone, so that you can also watch the episodes of that series you like so much, directly offline.

Also, AnimeDroid suits you, because it allows you to download anime, but it allows you to do it in different quality. In this way, it adapts to your space, because you can download in low quality to save space, and it adapts to your mobile, being able to download in high HD quality for the latest generation phones with a 1080p or 4K screen.

The downside is that AnimeDroid is not just any application, let me explain. Generally, when a person wants to download an application, he does it through the Google Play Store, because that is where they are all. However, this application is not found in the Play Store, but you need to download the application from other sources, something perhaps complicated for less experienced users.

In this way, we are going to explain how to download this application step by step, in addition to teaching you some tips so that you can use it correctly. Thus, you will be able to watch your favorite anime series, even if you have no idea about an Android phone, so you should pay attention if you want to be able to start watching your favorite series on your mobile phone today.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first thing you need to know is that to download Anime Droid, we have to know the different download options. We have already said that this application is different, since it is not found in the Play Store, being one of the so-called banned applications. This is because it violates some intellectual property rights, being an application that does not meet the Play Store standards. However, this does not mean that it cannot be installed on our mobile phone. To do it, we have several ways, which are the following:

    1. Aptoide: If you go to the official Aptoide website, you will have the option to download this application, with which you can download AnimeDroid. Aptoide is a kind of Black Market, in which we have official and unofficial Android applications, including this one. To download from Aptoide, we must first download and install it, turning on unknown sources when prompted. Once it is installed, we must enter the application, and then click on the search engine and search for “AnimeDroid”. If we do not get any option, we must click on other repositories to show us the repositories not added. Once we have done it, we are going to download the application and it will be installed. Remember to add the repository to the list, to get updates.
    2. Up to Down: I like the Up to Down option very much, and if you are a regular on this page, you will see that I always name it. The reason is that this web page is full of software, which does not usually have any type of virus or any other bad practice, being one of the safest to download unofficial applications. To download the application, you must enter the page and then use the search engine to search for the application and then install it. When you have done it, the apk file will be downloaded, which to install, must be done with unknown origins activated, something that is done in settings, security.
    3. Others: You always have the option to search for the apk on other Google pages, although if you are going to do it, I recommend having a good antivirus on your mobile phone for what may happen. Many manufacturers tend to modify apk applications to introduce viruses and unwanted software. In this way, you should always watch what you install on your phone, because by not having Play Store, Google’s security recommendations are not carried out.
  2. Application overview:
    Now that we have downloaded the AnimeDroid application, let’s take a general look at everything it offers us. We can see that AnimeDroid for Android offers us the anime divided into categories and recommended, thus allowing us to choose the Anime that we like the most in a simple way, even if we have no idea, just by choosing the genre or the recommendations. In addition to that, we will also be able to have the page search engine, to search for exactly the chapter of the series. Search your favorite series in the search engine and you can start watching anime.

    1. Watch anime:
      Once we have chosen the series that we like the most, we can now watch anime. We only have to click on it, so that the video and the options to see it appear, such as in high definition or low definition. Remember that, being streaming, Wi-Fi is recommended, unless you have a good data rate that can support the megabytes you spend watching the series.
    2. Download the anime:
      If you are not going to have a connection or if you only have wifi, you can download the anime episodes to watch them later. We just have to click on the chapter download option, to be able to download it directly to our Smartphone and watch it later offline, both in the program and in our favorite player. Of course, remember that you need enough space on your mobile phone. If you don’t have enough space, remember that you can download the chapters in lower quality, thus taking up less space and thus having space, even if quality is sacrificed.
  3. Recommended series to watch:
    Once you enter there, you may not know what to watch, but you really have many series to watch that you might like. If you are a classic, you can watch classic anime like Dragon Ball or the first seasons of Naruto, also having the new seasons of these anime, that is, Dragon Ball Super among others. Also, you will be able to see somewhat special animes, such as Gantz or Tokyo Ghoul, which have a somewhat special theme. In addition, you will also have access to all the mythical anime movies, such as princess mononoke, or Dragon Ball Duel Breaks out, among many others. What’s more, it’s almost certain that the series you like will be on AnimeDroid, even for people with the most unusual tastes.
  4. Legal alternative:
    As I have already said, this program may violate some intellectual property rights. In this way, if you use it, you will actually be violating copyright by not paying for the content, something that as usual, I am not responsible for. However, we have the option to watch anime on mobile legally and cheaply. The option is Netflix, which has more and more animated series and movies and is not very expensive. You can take the Premium option, for 14 euros per month, but it can be seen on two screens simultaneously, so you can take it with 3 more friends and thus pay less than 3 euros per month. Netflix has a lot of series and it’s not expensive, in addition to having it in Ultra HD quality if you choose that option, and being able to watch it on all devices. In this way, if you want to watch anime for almost free and also support the work of the authors, you can buy Netflix among several friends.
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