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Apps GameGuardian for Android: How to Download and Tips

GameGuardian for Android: How to Download and Tips


GameGuardian for Android is a very interesting application, which will help you to have an advantage over other users.

We are simply talking about a cheat application, that is, one that modifies some internal structure in a game, with the aim of giving the user some kind of advantage that the game does not provide.

For example, you can make time go faster, so those buildings are built faster. You can have more lives, more game money, you can make yourself faster than your rival car and a thousand other things. It’s similar to what Cheat Engine did on Windows.

For this reason, if you are tired of always losing, if you want to have everything faster or simply, if you want to be better than others, try GameGuardian. We will help you download and install the application, in addition to preparing the mobile (root), so that it can work correctly.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Root the mobile:
    The first thing you should know is that for GameGuardian to work on an Android phone, it must have special root permissions, that is, it must be rooted. Root access on a mobile means that we have modified the system user so that it has all the system administrator permissions. Android by default has its phones limited, in order to avoid data leakage and prevent viruses from taking control. However, these limitations also prevent taking advantage of the full potential of the terminal. Rooting the phone can be easy or difficult, depending a lot on the terminal, since some are very easy and others are not. However, we are going to see in broad strokes how to root a phone, since it is an essential requirement for GameGuardian to work correctly on Android, since without rooting, it is directly useless. This also happens in other applications, so it is something without a doubt very common.

    1. Look at the terminal model:
      The first thing we must do is look at the model of the terminal that we must root, that is, the mobile. This is because the applications that exist are only capable of rooting some terminals, not all. Here your greatest ally is googling, which if you are looking for how to root such a phone, it will tell you the applications that are capable of doing it and those that are not. This way, you can be sure which app will work best.
    2. Download the corresponding application:
      Now that we know which application works best for our mobile, we must download it. Here are two types of applications to root: Firstly, we have applications that are downloaded from the mobile phone itself, such as kingroot or framaroot, which by simply downloading the application and running an xploit, we will already have the mobile rooted. Then there are others like kingoroot or another version of kingroot, which are installed in Windows and using a USB cable, your phone will be rooted. Download the corresponding application in each case. If there is no information about it, it is that your mobile cannot be rooted yet, so you will have to wait until an application that is capable of doing it comes out.
    3. Follow the steps:
      Now that we have downloaded the corresponding application, it is time to follow the corresponding steps that the application indicates. In the case of those that download on Android, the only thing we usually have to do is press a button and wait for it to do everything. Then the mobile will restart and we will have the permission manager installed, in which we will have to enable the GameGuardian application once we have installed it. Of course, if the applications are from the computer, things get a bit complicated. In this case, what you have to do is follow the steps to the letter, which is usually to connect the mobile when you are asked and things like that. This complicates things a bit, as a small glitch could ruin the phone forever.
  2. Download the application:
    Now that we have rooted the mobile, it is time to download GameGuardian, since we have already met the necessary requirements for this application to work. In this case, we are talking about a banned application, that is, an application that is no longer in the Play Store and for this reason, we must download from other sites. The reason for the ban is that cheats and other things are not allowed in online games and that is why it has its risk, which we will talk about later. If you want to download GameGuardian, you will have to do it from alternative sources and install the apk application. The two best alternative sources of downloads that I know of are these two, which are the ones with the least risk of viruses.

    1. Up To Down:
      Up To Down is one of the best websites to download all kinds of applications on Android and other operating systems. It is a page that works very well, that is fast and that also has all the updated applications. Here if you search for GameGuardian, you can easily find the application, something that will help you download the apk by pressing a button and then install it on your Android operating system. Of course, by default unknown origins in Android are disabled, so you may have to activate this option in settings and security, so that it allows you to install.
    2. Aptoide:
      Aptoide is an application that is like a kind of alternative market, which will allow you to download all kinds of updated applications and banned applications, in the same way as if it were the Play Store. Aptoide is also a banned application, so I recommend downloading the apk from its official page, something that will help you download this application and install it. Once it is, we can use its search engine to search for Game Guardian. In this way, it will take us to the application, which will surely be in its latest version if you choose the correct repository. Once it is ready, we are going to install it and we will have it ready, along with the updates automatically if we add the repository.
  3. Examples of use:
    Now that we have installed this application, it is time to see some examples to use it and thus get the most out of it. These examples will allow you to use Game Guardian in your favorite games and thus increase the chances of success.

    1. Increase our lives:
      First of all, what we can do is increase our number of lives in certain games. The lives are the attempts in which we can do something and if we say they kill us or we fail, we lose a life. The games usually offer a limited amount of lives and many of them require us to pay real money to have more lives or to wait a long time. Thanks to Game Guardian, we can have more lives and thus manage to survive much longer, thus avoiding the frustration of not being able to play because we don’t have lives.
    2. Let time pass:
      In many games, especially construction games, you need time to pass so that you can continue playing. Games like Clash of Clans need a few hours for a village to be built, something that exasperates the most impatient. Thanks to Game Guardian, we can make time pass faster by simply changing the time of the game and making the game believe that more time has passed than it should have. In this way, you can have advantages over other users.
    3. Speed ​​up processes:
      In addition to being able to pass the time, this application also allows you to make the buildings be built faster or the game to do what you want faster than normal. This also serves to avoid waiting, so without a doubt it is also a great option to be able to configure the game and be better than the others.
    4. Others:
      Actually, Game Guardian allows you to do absolutely everything, since it is a very complete application that allows you to touch every last aspect of the game. From getting free paid material, to being faster than the rival, going through some free modifications and others.
  4. Warnings:
    This app is definitely very cool and can change your life, just like Cheat Engine did on Windows years ago. However, being a banned application, it can bring you problems that you should be aware of. We are not responsible for what may happen here.

    1. GameGuardian is not allowed in many online games:
      First of all, you should know that Game Guardian is banned in competitive online games like Clash of Clans, Need For Speed ​​No Limits, Clash Royale… This is obviously to prevent cheaters who might have advantages over other players. users who do not cheat. For this reason, although you may not get caught, you may also lose count.
    2. Rooting the mobile can damage the phone:
      GameGuardian requires root access, so you also have the risk of root applications. By being root, you lose the manufacturer’s warranty, plus you are more vulnerable to viruses. For this reason, you should be careful what you do.
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