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Apps SnapChat for Android – How to Download and Tips

SnapChat for Android – How to Download and Tips


Within instant messaging and photo sharing applications with users, SnapChat is one of the largest in this sector. This application has mixed what is a social network of images with a very advanced chat with users from all over the world.

This application allows you to chat with images with all your contacts, as well as allowing you to create stories that people can see and comment on. For example, if your friends have uploaded a photo in stories, all contacts can see the image without any problem.

The best thing that SnapChat has is privacy, because if you try to take a screenshot of any image, let’s say that SnapChat tells the user that you have done it, since they will receive a message that a screenshot has been taken. In this way, people who share intimate photos on social networks and do not want them to spread, will be safe from people gossiping in their images and from them being sent to other people.

Such is the success of this Snapchat business model that companies like Instagram have decided to imitate it, putting a story option within their application, in a similar way to what Snapchat does.

In addition, it has also become an essential tool for celebrities and people who want to gain fame through social networks, since having so many millions of users, many celebrities share things from their private lives to increase the number of followers on this famous network. social and even to advertise products that these brands have brought to light.

If you want to learn how to use SnapChat and how to install it and what its tricks are, don’t miss these instructions, in which we’ll explain everything step by step and in great detail.

Instructions for SnapChat for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first thing we need to know when it comes to downloading SnapChat is knowing how to do this. SnapChat is an official mobile application, therefore, it could not be missing from Android, since it is the mobile platform with the most users in the world so far. SnapChat is not available for PC, so we will do all the procedures from our mobile phone, including downloading the application and creating the account. As in almost all the applications that are analyzed in this section, we have two different options to download the application, the official option from Google Play and the alternative option with apk or Aptoide.

    1. Official method:
      This method is the one I always recommend, since two things happen. First of all, we are always backed by Google and we will have access to the entire official update repository and secondly, we will be safe from unauthorized modifications of the apk file, that is, safe from viruses and other problems. If we have the Google account in order, we will be able to easily download the application, by clicking on Google Play and searching for SnapChat in the application search engine. Once we have done it, we are going to click on the first option that appears and we are going to click on download. Depending on your connection, this will take more or less time to download. Once it is downloaded, it will be automatically installed on our mobile phone.
    2. Alternative methods:
      If we have activated unknown sources (in settings, security), we can download applications that are not in the Play Store, something used to download paid applications for free. In the case of Snap Chat, it could be done this way even if it is free on Google Play, first to be able to access Beta versions of it (through Aptoide) and second in case we have an old mobile that cannot be accessed. put Google Play. To download the apk, we will do it from an Apps repository such as Argim or Apk mania, all we have to do is download the application and install it manually. In the case of aptoide, we must go to its official page to download the application, search for snapchat, add the repository and install it. Remember that this method has some risk and that we always recommend that you use the Google Play method.
  2. Create a user account:
    The next step in SnapChat is to create a user account, something that we will do from the mobile phone. To do so, we are going to click on the icon in the center, which says create account. By doing so, it will take us to the classic form in which we have to put the username, password and others. We can make the registration faster through Facebook, something that will save us from doing paperwork. By registering and choosing all this, we will be able to log in to Snapchat on any device that is compatible, that is, we only have to create the account once, something that will save us a lot of time from now on. Once we have created the account, we must go to the option to add friends, to choose friends by username, by Facebook or phone number, letting Snapchat track your contacts so that it automatically finds these people.
  3. See stories and create stories:
    The most interesting thing about this application are the famous stories, in which we can see what our contacts or famous and popular people have posted on the network. By clicking on the stories option, we will be able to see everything that the people we have added have posted. By clicking here, we will see an image with a message that a contact has published. To this image we can make a comment in private that only they will see. We can also create our own story, for this we are going to go to the camera icon in the center of the screen and we are going to take a photo, then we are going to retouch it, add text, add filter, add title, add hashtags with the # as on other social networks and finally to upload it and share it with our contacts.
  4. Chat with images:
    The other interesting option of this social network is the image chat with other users, a chat that only we and that person are going to see. To chat with someone, click on a specific contact to take us to a chat. By doing this, we will be able to write and send images to this person, who will see this and will also answer us with images and texts. This can be interesting to chat with girls or boys that you like privately, to meet new people or simply to play pranks on your friends, all in a totally private way as we have said before.
  5. Screenshots:
    When we take a screenshot, SnapChat gives notice that someone has taken it. This can help us preserve our privacy, since if someone takes a screenshot and spreads our image, we will know who it is immediately. This is very useful in cases of sexting and sending sexually explicit photos to third parties, something that is not legal (especially if you are a minor, which are several crimes together) and that can get whoever does it into a big mess.
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