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Apps Dream League Soccer: How to Download and Tips

Dream League Soccer: How to Download and Tips


Without a doubt, one of the best games that we can find on the Android operating system for this year 2017 is Dream League Soccer. This game is a soccer game, in which we can be the best player in the world and have a good time at the same time.

Dream League Soccer game is a simple game but fun at the same time. In this game we are going to be able to play with fictional teams throughout a series of lower leagues, the ultimate goal being to be the best team on the face of the earth.

This game is one of those games with great graphics for Android that look even better than handheld console games, something that seems unthinkable, but that games like this have achieved with relative ease. In addition to the excellent graphic engine, this game has other things that make it one of the best, such as its gameplay.

Updated to version

In this game we are going to be able to play a great soccer game using just three buttons, just like old-fashioned soccer games. The creators of this game believed that there was no need for complex controls in a mobile phone game and I think they are right. The truth is that all of us when we use a mobile phone we use it for a while, not to spend long and endless hours learning to play. For that we already have the game console.

However, this is not to say that this game is not addictive. In fact, it can be very addictive and be one of those games that kill your mobile battery in the blink of an eye. The truth is that it is a great game and one of the best football games of this year.

In addition, this game is a completely free game, that is, you can get it at zero cost. This is interesting, since we can get long and fun hours of entertainment without spending a single euro out of our pocket. There is also a Premium version, in which if you pay a little more you can remove the ads that this game has, although it is not necessary to do so.

This game is also compatible with many devices despite the great graphics it has. It is admirable to see how they have managed to get Dream League Soccer on mobile phones of all kinds, since it really is a very complete game that looks great.

Surely my words are convincing you to download and install this game on your Android phone. This is normal, since this game is one of those that hooks you from start to finish and that can guarantee you millions of hours of fun.

For this reason, we must learn to install and download this game as soon as possible, since we cannot miss a single minute of this great soccer game. In addition to learning this, we are going to learn to play, offering you the best tips to be the king of the ball.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Download the game:
    The first step we are going to take to be able to play this game is to download the game and install it on our mobile phone. This game is very easy to find and you can’t lose it, since it is a game that is officially included in the Play Store, that is, we will be able to download it like any normal application. Of course, as we know that sometimes the Play Store does not work for everyone, we are also going to explain some alternative ways to download this game without using the Play Store.

    1. Play Store: This is the official way to download it and the way you should use if you don’t have any problems getting it to work. Play Store is Google’s official application repository and it is the most secure, since all the applications that pass through here are protected against viruses and all types of malware. Google does a hard job keeping malware out of their operating systems, so trust this system. What you have to do is very simple, since all you have to do is go to the Play Store application and search for Dream League Soccer in the search engine. Here we must click on the download tab and proceed to download and install the game automatically.
    2. Uptodown: If the PlayStore does not work for us for whatever reason, we have to resort to the alternative method to be able to play this game. This method is that of Uptodown, a website that is specialized in all kinds of downloads. In this case, we have Android downloads available, in which this game could not be missing. We must click on the tab that says search and search again for Dream League Soccer. Once we have it searched, we are going to click on download apk and wait for it to download. Before downloading, we must go to our phone’s settings to activate unknown sources in the security tab, since they are deactivated by default. Now we can open the apk file that is downloads and install the application on our phone.
    3. Premium version: As I said before, there is a paid version of Dream League Soccer available, which is also found in the Play Store. This paid version has the only difference from the official one in that it eliminates advertising, although it is not very invasive advertising. If you don’t like the ads and also want to help the creators with some money, buy the Premium version and you can get both at the same time. To pay in the PlayStore, you can do it either through PayPal, or through a credit card, whichever you choose.
  2. Game mode:
    This game is simple. What you have to do is build an invincible team and end up being the league champion. You are going to start with a team that will not be very good, which you have to improve little by little. When you open the game you can start a tutorial that will explain very well how the game works and will also explain a little about everything you have to do to get the most out of the game. This game is simple and what you have to do is train the players, prepare the best line-ups and improve your way of playing to move up. The players and teams are fictitious, as the game is not licensed, however it is just as fun as the others.
  3. Three button gameplay:
    Unlike other games like FIFA, this game has very simple controls, which are based on a 3-button control system that you can easily learn. One button is for the shot, one button is for the pass, and one button is for the cross. Then on the other side there is a touch lever that is used to move around the field. The game system is simple, since with these three buttons we will be able to play at ease on the mobile phone without having to worry about a game system of 80 buttons and commands like in video game consoles. Of course, when you’ve been playing for a while you’ll see that these three buttons can do wonders. You will see how you can get a lot of tricks, do dribbles, make walls and score great goals with just these three buttons. So don’t underestimate the power of a button, as you have already seen what they are capable of.
  4. Tips to succeed:
    Although this game is relatively simple, you have to follow some tips if you want to be the real king of the ball:

    1. Keep an eye on the bench: In these games, the coach’s work is what makes the difference. No matter how skilled you are with the buttons, you need a team, a good tactic and a good wardrobe for the whole season. For this reason, planning on the bench before the season is vital, since if done well it can lighten your path. On the other hand, if you do it wrong, an unforeseen event could leave you without the championship.
    2. Follow the in-game tutorials if you don’t know how to play: A lot of people rush into games without knowing anything at all. However, this is a mistake, since then you enter the field, you don’t know how to play and the complaints come. What we must do is follow the game’s tutorials to the letter. In this way, we will be able to control the game from the beginning, whether we are talking about the controls or the way we play.
    3. Make transfers: Transfers like in real life football are essential in this game if you want to go far. What we have to do is sign well, buying the star players. Of course, keep your money in mind, since the budget is not unlimited. In turn, sell your players who do not serve you, but do not neglect your wardrobe, because if you neglect it and there is an injury, you could be left with nothing to play with.
    4. Be patient and learn– Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same goes for great teams. Real Madrid and Barcelona weren’t always the titans they are now and the same thing happens to you and your team. Before being the elite of world football, you have to go through a learning process. Although at first you can lose matches, you must be patient, since you can become very good if you put your mind to it. The thing is to play, learn and the results will come.
  5. Alternatives:
    This is a great soccer game, however, it is by no means the only mobile soccer game on the planet. We have alternatives that are quite good for this game. The most famous is FIFA, which has the disadvantage that it asks for many requirements and that you have to pay a little to enjoy the full version. Then you have PES, which is officially licensed by the UEFA Champions League, although it is worse than FIFA. Then there are many more games developed by indie users as there are millions of soccer apps on Android. The only way to know which one is the best is to try it out, since the game that seems the best to you may not seem the best to someone else and vice versa. In any case, we recommend Dream League Soccer above all games, although we don’t rule out playing other soccer games.
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