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Apps Candy Crush Saga for Android – How to Download...

Candy Crush Saga for Android – How to Download and Tips


One of the most popular applications in the world of Android is the famous Candy Crush Saga, a very famous application because it is literally addictive and because it is simple but entertaining at the same time.

This application could really be considered a game, a game in which your goal is to collect candies of the same color, which explode as you join them in rows of three or more candies. This game can be played on almost any device and we will only have to use our fingers to slide our finger across the screen to join the colors that are the same.

Normally the colors appear out of order and we will only be able to move one row in each movement, in this way, we will have to look carefully where to make the movement in order to complete this task and go to the next level.

The main version of this game has a level system, in which we will have to get a series of points with a limited number of moves, having to get these points in the same or fewer moves than they have given us. At first it is a fairly simple game, however, the difficulty increases as we advance in its world.

The game has become so popular that it has been number 1 in downloads for years. Although it is now somewhat old-fashioned, it is still played by many people around the world on a daily basis, as it is also a game that everyone can complete if they are skilled and tenacious enough.

If you still don’t know Candy Crush, surely you have lived under a rock during these years, however, it is never too late to start enjoying this great game. Today I will show you how you can download Candy Crush Saga on your Android phone so that you can play candy matching anywhere with almost any Android phone.

Instructions for Candy Crush Saga for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first thing we must do to be able to play this game is obviously to get hold of the application and install it on our phone. The best thing about this application is that it is an application that really takes up little space, making it possible to install it on almost any device with free memory. It also has low RAM and processor requirements and can even work on older phones with Android 2.2 installed. To download the application we are going to do it in several ways, either from the official Play Store installer or from other markets or ways to download, which are used when the main option is failing.

    1. Google Play:
      The first option that we have available to download Candy Crush Saga is the Google Play Store option, an option that in most cases should be our first option to download applications on Android, since it is a totally safe option, totally free of viruses and that will always give us the official application, without any kind of falsification or malicious modification. To search for Candy Crush Saga in the Play Store, we just have to enter (remember that you have to have activated Google email) and search for the word Candy Crush in the search engine. Here we will click on the first application that appears and we will click on download, so that it can then go on to install it and it will be automatically installed on our phone.
    2. Others:
      If for whatever reason, it does not allow us to install the application from Google Play or we have a mobile with Google Play deactivated, we have other options available to download Candy Crush Saga on our Android phone. For example, we can download the apk file from our internet browser and then installer, something that we will do with the help of Google. We can also use the option of an external application market, such as Aptoide, markets that sometimes even have applications in Beta versions, which have not yet been included in the official version of the Play Store. I would only use these options in case of an emergency with the Play Store, since sometimes, the creators modify the file and introduce viruses, which can cause great problems in your Android mobile phone.
  2. Main game:
    The best way to play Candy Crush is in its main game, in which our main objective is to eliminate all the candies and get certain points with a limited number of rolls. This goes by levels, that is, first we will have to go through phases, at first it will be very easy, since we will have many attempts and few points to achieve, however, things will get more and more complicated. In the last levels, there is only one possible option to beat the game, something that will test our expertise and our ability and experience with strategy games. Try to complete all the levels of this game, something that is really difficult, more than it seems, especially from the last levels of it.
  3. Other versions of the game:
    Within the same game, we have other ways of playing, ways that are just the same and reward things other than strategy. There is a game mode that consists of getting the most points in the shortest possible time. With this game system, we will have to have quite fast fingers, take advantage of the power ups that come up and have a view that allows us to see the candies that are available at a glance. This game mode puts the most experienced players to the test, since really only Candy Crush experts will be able to win in this version of the game.
  4. How to win:
    As in all games, we want to play not only to have fun, but also to win and be the best possible player in the game. In the case of Candy Crush, the best way to end up winning is to practice, something that will automatically make you pick up the mechanics of the game and that you can learn to play and make better and better plays. You also have to train your peripheral vision, to be able to see the entire game screen at a glance, detecting the areas in which we are going to get points by joining the colors. This will save you a lot of time and it will also allow you to get power ups that will multiply your score, since they will give you a series of advantages that will allow you to win.
  5. Candy Crush clones:
    Like any popular application, Candy Crush has made many people copy its way of playing, making very similar games that are basically clones of Candy Crush. A good example is the famous game for Windows Phone Taptitude (there was also an Android version), a game that brought together more than 100 mini-games within the same game. This game brought together a kind of clone of Candy Crush, which instead of collecting candies, combined spheres with colors of the different elements such as fire, water, air… In addition, the points you got in this minigame were used for others in the same suite of games. games. There are also other candy crush clone games on Android, games that still take up less space and try to imitate its aesthetics. You can try them if you like them, however, experience tells me that none of them are equal to the original game.
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